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Tributyl Citrate(TBC)
Product name tributyl citrate;TBC
CAS NO 77-94-1
Molecular formula C18H32O7
Molecular weight 360.44
Property Colorless and transparent oily liquid, boiling:170℃(133.3PA), flash point (open cup)185℃. Soluble in most organic solvents,LD50=2900mg/kg
Use As non-toxic plasticizer, it can be used in food packaging materials, toys for children, medical products, cellulose resin and other products
Packing 200L iron drum or galvanizing package, 200Kg/drum.


Colorless and transparent oily liquid



Content %




Moisture (wt) %


Refractive index(25℃/D)


Relative density (25/25℃)


Heavy metal(Pb)





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