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Acetyl Tributyl Citrate(ATBC)
Product name acetyl tributyl citrate;ATBC
CAS NO 77-90-7
Molecular formula C20H34O8
Molecular weight 402.48
Property Colorless and transparent oily liquid, boiling point 343℃(0.101MPa), flash point (open cup)204℃, freezing point: -80℃, volatilization speed 0.000009g/cm2.h(105℃). Soluble in most organic solvents, insoluble in water. LD50=4000mg/kg.

1, ATBC has very low acute toxicity, mice by oral test up to 30g/kg.Experimental study on subacute toxicity of recent (90 days) show that, even in the ATBC feeding concentration up to 5% of cases, noobvious damage to liver.

2, ATBC in two days is biodegradable, reduce the risk to the lowest degree of ecological cumulative

3, ATBC can almost 1: 1 for DOP. Compared with DINP, the dosage of ATBC is less, the better.

4, plasticized by ATBC PVC, the plasticizing properties equivalent to DOP

5, with ATBC plasticized PVC and its thermal stability is equivalent to DINP.

6, plasticized by ATBC products, the product surface smooth, nondialysis.

In Europe, in recent years the infant toys using benzene two formic acid ester plasticizer health risk agent brings fear was enhanced(animal test has shown that, DOP, DINP cause testicular damage and a series of liver and renal adverse effects.) Therefore, the European Commission, has been issued in infant toys (such as baby teether, plastic dolls) in the prohibition of the use of two formic acid ester plasticizer ban, the ban since 2000 1 January, the EU Member States to take effect. In Canada, the law also prohibits the use of two formic acid in infant toys ester plasticizer. In North America, containing two formic acid ester plasticizer infant toypackaging has been refused to enter. For many toy manufacturers,ATBC is the ideal substitute, not only has the excellent performance of plasticizer, and no health concerns. In USA, toy manufacturers association has its members recommended the use of ATBC substituted benzene two formic acid ester plasticizer.

Due to the excellent performance of ATBC, some foreign companies the production and operation of the product, and has been applied in many fields of PVC, PVDC food packaging products etc.. Domestic ATBC consumption market in the beginning,however, with the level of economic development and constantly improve, people's health awareness of environmental protection continue to strengthen, especially the relevant national laws and regulations continue to improve, ATBC this one product market willdevelop rapidly.

Packing 200L iron drum or galvanizing drum, 200Kg/drum.


Colorless and transparent oily liquid



Content %




Moisture (wt) %


Refractive index(25℃/D)


Relative density (25/25℃)


Heavy metal(Pb)





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